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Feel free to send any photos you'd like me to check out to Before you do, here is a handy list of tips for choosing your photo.

Update: I am now booked up for holiday delivery of custom portraits. I do sell gift cards if you still need a special gift for the holidays! Or if you'd like to reserve a space on my calendar in the new year, please send your high-resolution photo to and let me know if you're working with a deadline. Please read this guide before emailing to make sure your photo will work. If it doesn't fit those criteria, please select a different high-res photo. Thanks! 

Santa Barbara, CA

Email me a photo. I'll draw it.


Hi! Welcome to EmmieBean. I specialize in custom illustrations inspired by your own photograph. Find a photo that captures the essence of you, your family, friends, pet, home, or anything else that makes you smile. Email me the photo, I'll draw it, and mail you the print.

Hand-drawn in Santa Barbara, California. Established in 2009.