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Feel free to send any photos you'd like me to check out to Before you do, here is a handy list of tips for choosing your photo.

Santa Barbara, CA

Email me a photo. I'll draw it.

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Thanks for redeeming your EmmieBean Custom Portrait! I'm looking forward to working with you! Please follow the steps below:

  1. To get started, read through these tips for choosing your photo.*
  2. Once you've selected a photo that follows those guidelines, email your photo to In your email, please mention the gift code written on the card.
  3. Next, I'll get started on your drawing and will email you a digital proof when it's ready.
  4. Finally, I'll mail you your portrait, printed 11 x 14in. on enhanced matte paper, signed and dated on the back.

*Unless otherwise noted, your gift card covers an 11 x 14in. portrait with 1-3 people or pets.